Complaints Policy

We handle complaints with courtesy and empathy. We consider patient complaints a valuable source of feedback on our services, and we understand that ensuring patient satisfaction impacts their health outcomes.The Practice Manager handles verbal complaint. Written complaints are discussed with the Practice Manager and practice principals and a response, written or verbal will be prepared.


  • Inform the staff member responsible for the complaint.
  • For verbal complaints, escort the patient to a private area to discuss.
  • Listen attentively, take notes and repeat key concerns to reassure the patient you understand their complaint.
  • Assure the patient we will take their complaint seriously and thoroughly investigate it.
  • Document the complaint in a memorandum and record details in the complaints register.
  • Notify the patient’s clinician.
  • Contact the patient as soon as possible and within one working day after they lodge a complaint, and continue to update them during the investigation so they know we care.
  • Decide on an appropriate resolution, and notify the patient.
  • Document all communication with the patient, including written responses.
  • Review the complaint at our next team meeting to discuss how it could have been prevented.

Dr Leslie Bolitho
FRACP 0232749L

Dr Philip Macleish
FRACP 036735CB

Dr Andreas Baisch
FRACP 269859HF

Dr Robert Krones
FRACP 258850EX

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